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By Carl Paoli - Posted on 01 January 2010

Thinking back on 2009 I realize how far we have come and how much more we have to go. The dream of being part of the best athletes in the world has been with me for over 20 years. Pieces have slowly been falling into place as time has gone by, but in 2009 thanks to all the amazing athletes, professionals, family and friends surrounding me it has finally come to a boiling point where we can start cooking some real stuff up.  Stay tuned for 2010 because we are coming in hot!

Here is a little review on our program and classes* for 2010.

Naka Open

NO is a group class dedicated to all ages and levels. We focus on all areas of strength and conditioning with an application to static and dynamic acrobatics that can be directly translated into any action sport.


Naka Teen

NT is a program dedicated exclusively to teenagers from ages 13-18 that are interested in picking up their game.

We focus on teaching Strength and Conditioning fundamentals supplemented with fun body skills.


Naka Trampoline

Trampoline lessons are available to all our athletes on a private and semi-private group (3 people) basis. During our trampoline lessons we cover all the basic floor gymnastics and tumbling work, basic to advanced trampoline work, equipment and sports specific practice and special conditioning for fine detailing.

Check for availability with Coach Carl.


Come and get down with BBoy Finesse. Finesse, aka Bobby, will be offering Breakdancing lessons for all ages and levels twice a week.

Bobby, with SF Cr8ive, provides fundamental breakdance instruction.  Beginning with traditional steps, patterns, freezes, power moves, tricks, and transitions. Anyone participating in this class will obtain a thorough understanding of the interpretation of music within the context of breakdancing,. They will also be able to start and finish a set or movement phrase with style.

You will not know what it is like until you give it a shot.


Bobby is available for private lessons.  Check availability with Coach Bobby


    “Freestyle Connection” with Coach Carl Paoli
    Learn how action sports athletes prepare and maneuver in space while performing high level tricks!

    Stay posted for schedule and more details.


    “Naka BBoy Project” at San Francisco CrosSFit
    2 on 2 BBoy Battle for $2000 and 3 month sponsorship

    We will be posting details and information up by the end of January.
*Naka Open and Naka Teen will not be starting until January 19th. Please email carl@nakasbsm.com for alternatives.