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Naka Athletics - Freestyle Connection

Naka Athletics is a program dedicated to all action sports athletes across all skill levels—from professional athletes to beginners trying to learn a new sport. Naka offers a challenging and exciting training program, with a fundamental focus on nutrition, strength and conditioning, physical therapy, and trampoline/freestyle work as we believe these elements will build the foundation for success in any athlete. Naka provides athletes with the tools and techniques necessary to accomplish their goals, and is dedicated in providing athletes solutions to any given problem or situation. Naka provides athletes with an athletic platform to build a career or to take their passion to the ultimate level of performance.

At Naka Athletics we strive to provide training to our athletes and go above and beyond to help guide and tailor to each individual athlete's needs.  Naka takes training seriously and we are always aware of the safety of our athletes.  We guarantee the athlete will feel guided, supported, satisfied and happy with his/her performance. Naka believes that success is based on a strong environment, consistency, integrity, honesty and work ethic.

Our mission is to connect and grow the world of Action Sports by building a strong foundation for the underlying principle of freestyle movement.