Naka proudly introduces Gymnastics WOD

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By Carl Paoli - Posted on 19 December 2010


Wow, 2010 has truly been an incredible year for all of us here at Naka Athletics and the dedicated team of athletes that we've been training with. To show you how much Naka appreciates your support, we've decided to do something special for you all! 

We're very excited to announce our new project, called GymnasticsWOD (or GWOD for short). WOD is short for Workout-of-the-Day, and that's what GWOD will deliver - daily workouts to help you build a stronger gymnastics foundation and enable skill transfer to assis other workouts, training, and other sports. But that's not all, we've also designed the site to be a solid reference for functional exercises, gymnastic skills, strength specific gymnastics, and freestyle movements. On the site you'll find a rich library of demo videos and explanations for the exercises, as well as a results whiteboard so you can track personal progress. 

We always want you to make the most of your training, so we've done our best to try to provide you the tools to do that. Please check out and let us know what you think!  Thanks again for your support.