No barbell, No athlete. PART 1

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By Carl Paoli - Posted on 11 November 2009

If you consider yourself an athlete but you don’t have a strength and conditioning program, I am sorry to be the one that breaks you the news; You are NOT an athlete.  And if you do have a strength and conditioning program but it doesn’t include a barbell, the truth is you are not serious about being an athlete.

A strength and conditioning program that doesn’t involve a barbell will never be a real  athletics strength and conditioning program. Barbell training is the base of any athletic performance. With 3 simple exercises and their progressions we can cover everything we need to make it a world class training program for any type of athlete.

So, if you have never been under a barbell and experienced how it feels when that cold and heavy piece of metal drills you into the ground and how the results that come from doing so makes you feel warm and light. Pay attention, because this is a very simple start that will change everything.

Learn how to squat, press and dead lift to go bigger, faster, stronger and be more injury free than ever before.

These three movements are the foundation of any solid strength and conditioning program. I will be covering the basis of all three of them and introduce their progressions into Power and Olympic lifting.

If you are ready to get serious about your training, keep your eyes peeled for PART 2.

Coach Carl-on the pro athlete program-Paoli