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Naka is determined to provide the best team of professionals to take Action Sports Athletes to the ultimate level. It is our experience, consistency, work ethic and passion for athletic development that drive us to success time and time again.  

Naka guarantees unconditional support for our athletes at every step of their journey.  Our athletes’ success is our mission and we will not tire until all of their goals and accomplishments are satisfied.

At Naka, we are truly proud of each and every one of our Athletes and Pros and we thank them all for their trust in Naka. We've been blessed with incredible individuals with zero egos and fierce determination to become icons and groundbreakers in their sport. On top of all that, Naka values each individual's personality and uniqueness to ensure that we have a fun and enjoyable experience on and off the competitive stage.

Take a minute now to check out our featured athletes and pros:

If you think you have what it takes to be part of our professional or athletic teamm or want to be a collaborator in our efforts, please send in your resume or proposal. Contact us now!