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By Carl Paoli - Posted on 28 October 2009

To jump start this blog I wanted to take a minute to thank all the people that have made Naka Athletics possible.

First, I wanted to start by thanking all my family and friends out there that have been loyal and supportive from day one. Special thanks to Andrew Pearce for opening my eyes again, Kyle Ireland-Tran for being an outstanding gymnast and role model to our team, Gabriel Hale for your consistency and great work ethic, Ted and Katherine Miclau for always pushing it to the limit and making it look easy, Jackson Hand and Todd Chen for being pure badasses and to Noel Wheeler, Dan Kobussen, Bert Eidson, Kevin Hoshino, Kristin Kojan, Dimitry and Slavik for being so loyal and supportive of all my new projects and for inspiring me every day to be better at what I do. Very big thank you to Kelly and Juliet Starrett and San Francisco CrossFit for going above and beyond my highest expectations and for providing a world class training facility for us to call home and build a strong base of performance for our athletes and coaches, also thanks for the unconditional love from all the coaches at SFCF, thank you Acrosports for being supportive and welcoming to our new ideas and training methods, thank you Fito-David Iglesias for helping us with the first designs and logos, thank you Ana Paoli for filming and editing all the videos, web design and logistics, thank you Trendsplant and specially Mike for designing t-shirts for us, setting our blog up and updating our site, thank you Tonya White for being the best Logistics Coordinator on the planet and keeping everyone on track and ready to go, you are my backbone and a huge motivation to keep pushing this project. And last but not least big shout out to Bboy Wicket, Iron Monkey, Finesse and Blakk and all the Renegade Rockers for inspiring and believing.

I promise to not disappoint and keep pushing this project until I break. So stay tuned for all the awesomeness to come!

Coach Carl-ready to rock-Paoli